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Colorado Archaeological Society
Code of Ethics

To uphold State and Federal Antiquities Laws.

To support policies and educational programs designed to protect our cultural heritage and our State’s antiquities.

To encourage protection and discourage exploitation of archaeological resources.

To encourage the study and recording of Colorado’s archaeology and cultural history. To take an active part by participating in field and laboratory work for the purpose of developing new and significant information about the past.

To respect the property rights of landowners.

To assist whenever possible, in locating, mapping and recording archaeological sites within Colorado using State Site Survey forms.

To respect the dignity of peoples whose cultural histories and spiritual practices are the subject of any investigation.

To support only scientifically conducted activities, and never participate in conduct involving dishonesty, deceit or misrepresentation about archaeological matters. To report vandalism.

To remember that cultural resources are non-renewable, and do not belong to you or me, but are ours to respect, to study and enjoy!